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We are the Bay Academy

Our vision is to offer accessible and world-class training to people of all ages, sizes, genders, and backgrounds in the multiple athletic programs offered. We serve not only athletes, but anybody looking to learn new skills, get in shape, have fun, and join our community.

Welcoming and Competitive


The Bay Academy was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to making martial arts learning easy and accessible to all people. Since opening in 2008, we’ve had the opportunity to work with countless students as they acquired foundational skills, developed new techniques and confidently moved forward in their learning journey. Known as one of the most welcoming and competitive Martial Arts School in the San Francisco Bay area, we provide a wide range of classes to support students from all backgrounds and levels.



The Bay Academy was founded in 2008 by Stephan Goyne and initially housed inside of K-One Fitness in San Francisco. Three years later, the academy got its own home with the opening of the first facility in Japantown SF in July of 2011. The academy grew in July of 2012 with the opening of the second facility in Oakland/Piedmont. The third addition to the academy was in July of 2013 with the opening of the Mission SF facility. In March 2016, the Bay Academy outgrew its original east bay location in Oakland/Piedmont, leading to the opening of our facility in Berkeley, minutes from the University of California campus. Our story came full circle as the original K-One Fitness gym decided to merge with the Bay Academy resulting in our most recent and now flagship facility, Bay Combat Sports, located in Pac Heights in SF.