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4 weeks, Monday – Friday

6AM – 7:30AM


Bay Combat Sports, Pac Heights

No experience required.


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What are Bootcamps?

Bay Combat Sport Bootcamps are the best way to start your morning! Our bootcamps include 4 weeks of Monday - Friday early morning classes that leave you time to shower and get to work afterwords.


After finishing a bootcamp you will not only feel stronger and more fit, but you will also have gained the fundamental skills of the bootcamp's martial art. Who needs coffee when you can energize your day with a little exercise? No experience required!

What to Expect


Students will learn the basics of stance, movement, proper kicking and punching techniques combined with a high intensity workout. From strength training, endurance, flexibility, coordination, power, explosiveness for the whole body, different exercises will be focused on each day. Throughout the class we progress from basic techniques, to combinations, sparring drills, sparring strategies and advanced techniques.

Required Equipment:

  • Your first bootcamp registration comes with a FREE pair of gloves when you sign up early!

  • Students must bring their own hand-wraps (available for sale).

  • Students are encouraged to bring shin-guards and mouth pieces for light sparring as the class progresses.

Get in Shape, Fast.


Not only will you master the fundamentals of the bootcamp martial art, but you will also get in shape fast with our intense cardio fitness routine.

  • Jump rope

  • Heavy bag work

  • Running (short distances with intense bursts on hills)

  • Punch mitt drills

  • TRX

  • Circuit training

  • Medicine balls drills

  • Battle rope drills

  • Tire drills

  • Kettle bells

  • Calisthenics

  • and all sorts of old school boxing conditioning