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Our program focuses on socialization, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, balance, coordination, and safety.

Ages 3 months - 20 months.

Caregiver participation required.

About the Ninja Babies Program

Bay Combat Sports has paved the way in the bay area for kids martial arts and physical play, helping with hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, socialization, and basic safety skills. We offer baby classes for ages 3 months (or when they can hold their head up) through 20 months, providing a key foundation in safety and basic coordination skills that will help your child enjoy physical play for the rest of their lives.

Why should babies do physical play?

Some parents worry about physically playing with their child before they’re old enough to walk, but the benefits of getting your kids moving around as babies will pay off for their lifetime. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved safety: Research has shown that physical play can reduce the risk of injury by teaching kids key safety skills from a young age.

  • Enhanced cognitive functioning: Infant physical movement can help your baby’s brain grow by utilizing movements that use both sides of the body. These movements combined with our fun program can spur mental development and learning later on.

  • Bonding time: Getting to play with a caregiver is a great bonding experience for infants during key developmental phases. Tummy play, social time, and songs all contribute to having fun and cultivating positive interactions.

What do babies do during physical play?

You may wonder how babies can benefit from physical play when they aren’t even old enough to walk yet, but the skills they learn in these early days can go a long way toward forming a foundation for coordination and social skills later on. Some of the things your infant will learn:

  • Gross motor skills, language skills, and coordination taught through a series of infant exercises, songs, stories, toys, and games.

  • Safety skills, including how to do tummy time (for the younger babies), physical games and toys, and grasping support to stand and walk.


How much does infant physical play cost? 

Our Baby and Me physical play classes are 45 minutes, once per week, with a caretaker participating along with the baby. We offer these classes for FREE by donation only. It's meant to be fun for you and the family, so please come by and socialize with us!